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Janet Boguslaw

Dr. Janet Boguslaw, IASP Associate Director

Dr. Janet Boguslaw is Senior Fellow at Institute on Assets and Social Policy and Senior Scientist at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University. She is also a Senior Lecturer and Associate Director of the Masters Degree Program in Public Policy (MPP).

Through direct practice, evaluation, and research her work focuses on creating multi-sector innovations and partnerships to advance economic opportunity and stability through both voluntary and policy-driven initiatives. Dr. Boguslaw has worked with corporate managers to research, direct and advance their community development initiatives, with state agencies in the areas of workforce training and employment stabilization, and on funded research exploring policy strategies for regional development and stabilization. She teaches the graduate seminar in Assets and Social Policy, co-leads the dissertation seminar for the Concentration in Assets and Inequality, and directs the MPP Poverty Alleviation Concentration.

She is the author of Social Partnerships and Social Relations: New Strategies in Workforce and Economic Development, and has co-authored numerous articles and book chapters. She received her M.Ed. from Washington University in St. Louis and her Ph.D. from Boston College.

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