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Sara Chaganti

Sara ChagantiSara Chaganti is a Senior Research Associate at IASP with expertise in employment and workforce development, poverty and inequality, and homelessness.  Her dissertation research examines the cultural markers of employability for low-income job seekers.  At IASP she has contributed to work on career advancement for entry-level workers, workforce development and family homelessness, employment security and occupational segregation.   She currently serves as Co-PI on a large federally-funded project on the healthcare workforce, and was the project manager on a four-year statewide evaluation project.  She has taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels, at Brandeis University and American University, and has published in Evaluation and Program Planning and the Journal of Public Management and Social Policy.

Sara holds a PhD in Social Policy and Sociology from Brandeis University, an MS in Law, Policy and Society from Northeastern University and a BA in Anthropology from Yale University.

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