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Tatjana Meschede

Tatjana Meschede, Research DirectorTatjana Meschede, PhD, is the Associate Director of the Institute on Assets and Social Policy (IASP), and a Senior Scientist and Senior Lecturer at Brandeis' Heller School for Social Policy and Management. Dr. Meschede is an expert on housing policies, affordable housing, and homelessness as well as racial economic disparities.  At IASP, she oversees the development of indices on economic security, asset security, the racial wealth gap, and the IASP Racial Wealth Audit tool, drawing on data collected in large national data sets. She has contributed to many IASP publications in the "Leveraging Mobility", "Living Longer on Less", and "By a Thread" series. Selected as a Visiting Scholar at the Boston Federal Reserve Bank, she analyzed data on local race and ethnic wealth disparities.  

Skilled in mixed-methods research approaches, Dr. Meschede also leads IASP’s research and evaluation projects on housing and homelessness, including a multi-site work force development initiative targeting homeless parents, and transitions to housing through evaluations of homeless shelters programs, Housing First projects, and the unsheltered homeless population in Boston. She has extensive experience in research on homelessness collaborating with Massachusetts' state departments (Housing and Community Development, Public Health, Transitional Assistance), Healthcare for the Homeless, local communities, and philanthropy.

Dr. Meschede has published her work in close to 70 publications, ranging from peer reviewed articles to publicly accessible research briefs and reports, and presents to diverse audiences. She has worked in Israel and Europe, and in addition to her teaching at the Heller School, she has taught at Tufts University and the University of Massachusetts Boston, and received her PhD in Public Policy from the University of Massachusetts Boston

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