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Our staff, senior advisory board, Heller School faculty affiliates, and graduate student research assistants bring to the Institute's work diverse experience and expertise from the academic, public, nonprofit, and private sectors. For a listing of team members click on the links below:


Director: Thomas Shapiro |(781) 736-4671 | | Biography

Associate Director: Tatjana Meschede | (781) 736-8687 | | Biography

Director of Community Engaged Research: Jessica Santos | (781) 736-8680 | | Biography

Senior Fellow: Janet Boguslaw | (781) 736-3738 | | Biography

Senior Research Associate: Sara Chaganti | (781) 736-4679 | | Biography

Senior Research Associate: Delia Kimbrel | | Biography

Senior Research Associate: Meg Lovejoy | (781) 736-8688 | | Biography

Senior Research Associate: Laura Sullivan | | Biography

Senior Research Associate: Rebecca Loya | | Biography

Research Associate: Fernanda Escobar | (781) 736-8681 | | Biography

Research Associate: Alexis Mann | (781) 736-8693 | | Biography

Research Associate: Carolyn Singer | patches@brandeis.eduBiography

Graduate Research Assistants

Misti Jeffers | PhD | | Biography

Teresa Kroeger | PhD | | Biography

Mitali Pinto | SID | | Biography

Leila Quinn | MPP/MBA | | Biography

Madeline Smith-Gibbs | MPP | | Biography

Lindsey Stranc | MPP | | Biography

Caroline Swaller | MPP | | Biography

Alexandra Turner | MPP | | Biography

John Valinch | MPP/MBA | | Biography

Faculty Affiliates

Anita Hill | (781) 736-3896 | | Biography

Laurie Nsiah-Jefferson | (781) 736-3757 | | Biography

Jeffrey Prottas | (781) 736-3955 | | Biography

Senior Advisory Board

BOB HERBERT: Mr. Herbert is an award-winning journalist with a long and distinguished career including an Op-Ed column on politics and social trends in The New York Times. He has been a regular correspondent for The Today Show and NBC Nightly News and has been honored by the American Society of Newspaper Editors for distinguished newspaper writing and by the Meyer Badge Award for coverage of New York City.

MELVIN L. OLIVER: Dr. Oliver is a noted expert on racial and urban inequality and poverty and is currently President of Pitzer College.  Previously, he served as Executive Dean and SAGE Sara Miller McCune Dean of Social Sciences and Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He co-authored Black Wealth/White Wealth: A New Perspective on Racial Inequality (2006) with IASP Director Dr. Thomas Shapiro. In addition, Dr. Oliver has vast experience in philanthropy from his time as Vice President of the Asset Building and Community Development (Assets) Program at the Ford Foundation and serves on numerous nonprofit boards.

PAULA PARIS, MMHS '79: Ms. Paris is Deputy Director at JFYNetWorks and has broad experience in commercial banking, fundraising in education and the arts, and public policy research, specifically workforce development. In addition to serving as an adjunct professor at Southern New Hampshire University’s School of Community Economic Development since 1999, Ms. Paris is a member of Heller’s Board of Overseers and a Heller alumna.

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