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Senior Economic Security

For senior citizens, especially single women or senior citizens of color, economic developments in recent years have put their financial security increasingly at risk. Seniors at risk of outliving their resources have increased by nearly 2 million households in just the past four years. IASP’s researchers study the long-term economic stability and risk of seniors, and explore policies that can help advance the asset security and financial stability of older Americans.

Middle Class Retirement Security

Senior Financial Stability Index

Living Longer on Less: The New Economic (In)Security of Seniors (January 2009) This new report by IASP and Dēmos finds that 78% of all senior households are financially vulnerable when it comes to their ability to meet essential expenses and cover projected costs over their lifetimes. Economic insecurity is particularly pronounced for single senior households with 84% among them facing financial insecurity. These sobering statistics serve as an economic distress signal for older Americans and a wake-up call for younger and middle-aged Americans.

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