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Research on housing and homelessness has been featured in peer-reviewed journals.

evaluation and program planning journal coverIASP Research Director Tatjana and Research Assistant Sara Chaganti's evaluation of a housing intervention to address family homelessness, "Home For Now: A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of a Short-Term Housing Support Program for Homeless Families" is published in Evaluation and Program Planning.  This mixed-methods case study shows that short-term housing subsidies promote family well-being more than do congregate family shelters, but the lack of affordable housing and jobs that pay a living wage continue to challenge families in their path toward self-sufficiency (May, 2015)

cover of cityscape journalIASP Research Director Tatjana Meschede's in-depth study on chronically homeless street dwellers and their service providers, "From Street Life to Housing: Consumer and Provider Perspectives on Service Delivery and Access to Housing," is published in Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research. This research details achievements and failures of services that attempt to reach those most likely left out of the homeless-services delivery model- the chronically homeless street population. Results underscore important differences between service providers and homeless street dwellers in their perceptions and theories of homelessness, service needs of street dwellers, and service provision (January, 2011).

journal of human behavior coverIASP Research Director, Tatjana Meschede's dissertation research is published in the Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment. In the article, "Accessing Housing: Exploring the Impact of Medical and Substance Abuse Services on Housing Attainment for Chronically Homeless Street Dwellers", Dr. Meschede details the service use of a group of homeless street dwellers in Boston over a three year period and analyzes the impact of these services on housing outcomes. Supported by the MA Department of Public Health and HUD, this research creates a unique database that points to a number of critical factors increasing the odds of leaving the streets (March, 2010).

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