Institute on Assets and Social Policy

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Research and Policy

Research and Policy

Through its research and policy development initiatives, the Institute works to promote a better understanding of how assets and asset-building opportunities impact the well-being, financial security, and social and economic mobility of individuals, families and communities, particularly those left out of America’s economic mainstream.

In collaboration with our research partners, constituency groups, and practitioner organizations, we explore how assets can make people more vulnerable or more secure, the role they play in individual and collective well-being, and the structural and institutional barriers to asset-holding and development. IASP’s research and policy analysis identifies new areas of inquiry and highlights what is working, what still needs to be addressed, and how these issues may be reframed, analyzed, and measured.

The Institute’s current research agenda focuses on four areas where an asset-based perspective and policies that foster asset formation are of critical importance to the public and policy dialogue:

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