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Middle Class Economic Security

By a Thread: The New Experience of America's Middle Class (November 2007) by Thomas Shapiro

Creating an Opportunity Society (May 2007) by Thomas Shapiro

The Downslide before the Downturn: Declining Economic Security Among Middle Class African-Americans and Latinos, 2000-2006 (May 2009) by Tatjana Meschede, Thomas Shapiro and Laura Sullivan

Economic Insecurity: The Experience of the African-American and Latino Middle-Classes (February 2008) by Thomas Shapiro and Tatjana Meschede

From Middle to Shaky Ground: The Economic Decline of America's Middle Class, 2000-2006 (November 2008) by Laura Sullivan, Tatjana Meschede and Thomas Shapiro

Hard Choices: Navigating the Economic Shock of Unemployment (April 2013) by Janet Boguslaw and Tatjana Meschede

Tracking the Decline: Middle-Class Security in the 2000s (January 2013) by Tatjana Meschede and Laura Sullivan

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